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New Control Systems

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Control Systems now available for LVI Radiators

TEMPCO control of electrical radiators will save energy without compromising on comfort. This makes it possible to use WIFI to turn on your radiators before you arrive home. When travelling to your house, you can easily send an SMS to your GSM control system, to set the heating system on comfort temperature. The module can send a warning message if a power failure is longer than 3 minutes (battery backup). You can also get information on indoor- or outdoor temperature at the house. Other warning signals can be transmitted via SMS (temperature too low in the house, fire alarms, burglar alarms, etc.), but note that these features may not work after a power failure. There is no battery backup for these functions. With the clock its possible to have different temperatures under different weekly schedules for up to four different zones.

Upgrade your existing LVI radiators with the new control system. No large installation costs, only energy savings in the long run.



1. Control with GSM. Wired temperature control to all radiators

2. Control with clock. Temperature control with weekly schedule.  Wireless to Tempco Connect, and thereafter wired connection to Yali and Milo.

3. Control with GSM and clock. Normal mode is reduced temperature. You activate the temperature control, described in paragraph 2, via GSM.


Model Article nr. Voltage
TEMPCO CONNECT 1M RF 400 70 170 Receiver, TEMPCO Connect without zero
TEMPCO CLOCK RF EH 3 75 130 Clock, TEMPCO Central Clock
TEMPCO GSM NC EH 230 50 170 Controller, GSM TEMPCO
TEMPCO CONNECT 1M RF 230 70 170 Receiver, TEMPCO Connect with zero



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