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Delightful comfort

The bathroom may just be another room in the home but to some it is a sanctuary, a place to go for some peace and perhaps to pamper yourself.

It is the first room you most likely visit when you wake and the last before you retire to the bedroom of an evening. How nice would it be to know that when you enter your bathroom sanctuary it is warm and your towels are toasty and dry.

For people who like to enjoy life a towel heater means you can envelop yourself with a nice, warm towel after a bath or shower. It’s a feeling which cannot be described, it has to be experienced.

LVI Thermosoft offers a range of towel warmers and towel radiators to bring luxury into your bathroom.

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Arborescence Range

Practical luxury

Apart from the pleasure of having a warm bathroom and comfy warm dry towels a towel warmer is the right medicine to prevent the costly impact of damp and mould within your bathroom.

Why fluid filled

Fluid filled towel warmers guarantee a more even distribution of warmth in the towel warmer as the liquid circulates the entire towel rail.

Using environmentally friendly vegetable oil means at the end of the products life you can be assured the impact to the environment is minimal.