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Hi Stuart,  Have been meaning to send a thank you email – so this is it.  Thanks for your great service – heater greatly appreciated in this below zero Canberra weather. 


I have been meaning to write to you since we installed our Thermosoft radiators. That was nearly 12 months ago and they have just been wonderful. People coming to visit us used to ‘rug up’ as they knew how cold our house would be. Now waking up in the morning or sitting up late at night, is wonderfully warm and cosy! With a child who suffers asthma we didn’t want ducted heating. Thermosoft radiators are a superior alternative. Cheaper to run, and we don’t have to worry about the hazards of dusty ducts.

We cannot sing the praises of the radiators too much. In fact my young children like to sit in our hall nearly on top of the radiators and read there before school. They look so cute reading to each other and I know there is no danger of them being burnt.

I hope you realized there was another order for the Thermosoft from a friend of mine. She always wore a heavy coat whenever she came to visit me and was so impressed with the warmth of my house, the look of the radiators, the ease of installation and the lack of maintenance that she had to have one straight away. A belated thank you for your friendly and helpful advice. The heaters have been everything and more than you promised.

Regards Robbie

As you know, I only became aware of your product due to my wife coming from England, where every house is fitted with radiators.

I am very happy with your heating system due to:

The terrific warmth you get with radiator heaters which warm everything in the room/s.

The look of the radiators which blend into the house.

The fact that the heaters do not circulate dust as do the ducted systems.

The cost of running the efficient radiators over last winter was not noticeable.

The cost of our radiator system installed was equivalent to that of ducted heating.

In view of the above we are only too willing to recommend your product.



I have just recently installed 3 LVI Yali Digital panel heaters in my holiday house in Lorne Victoria and they are outstanding. Compared to the rubbish that most National White goods chains sell (Glorified electric toasters) the LVI units are what I would describe as commercial grade and they blend in well with the modern style of the house. They heat up quickly and produce a pleasant warm heat. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation and the sales support at SCC was second to none.


This letter is to express my absolute delight at the performance of the Thermosoft radiators. My husband has always been adamant that he would not have the conventional form of central heating in the house, as he hated the idea of dust and other ‘nasties’ being blown around. He would have considered hydronic heating, but the cost of this is prohibitive.

The heaters, which we purchased from you have filled the bill! We have a very attractive and stylish unit, supplying us with the kind of heat we desire at a very reasonable purchase price and incredibly cheap running costs.

I can thoroughly recommend your product.


We have recently acquired a series of Thermosoft Units for our mental health department and find them to be perfect for our needs.

The building which we have just recently renovated was very uncomfortable during the winter months with the inadequate heating that existed. We found through our energy management evaluation that we will save at least 30% in costs.

I would also like to add that the domestic staff and our staff painter are impressed because of the ease of removal for cleaning and painting behind the units.

Regards, Barry
Bega District Hospital Engineer