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Wall mounted heaters or radiators as suggested by their title are heaters mounted on a wall in your house or office. The space in a particular room that is suitable for a heater varies depending on what the room is used for and the furniture in a room.

Most people want to be able to install a heater or radiator without it adversely affecting the main purpose of the room, rather they would like it to compliment the room.

They would also like to install a radiator without have to remove any furniture or radically changing the room décor.

Therefore the radiator range needs to be versatile in its size and shape to best match the available spaces in a room.

LVI has a range of radiators that have been designed over a long manufacturing history to suit most rooms and situations. LVI have 20 models in their Yali Digital range suitable for wall mounting.

LVI uses 4 methods of design to help you match a radiator to the available wall space in your room.

Method 1: Dual panel

  • Radiators designed from LVI are based on utilising the surface area to disperse the heat into a room, so there will be some size limitations as the wattage levels increase. To prevent the radiator panels becoming to large to be useful, LVI have the dual panel models across their range. This is designated by the “21” in the model number such as  YALI D C 05 050 21 230 08 1
  • The dual panel models allow a larger surface area to maximise the heat transfer into the room whilst keeping the radiator size small enough to fit on the wall space available.

Method 2: Under window range

  • LVI has two height ranges to choose from: 300mm and 500mm high. The main use of the 300mm high range of radiators is to allow them to be positioned under a window. In many rooms, the area under a window is not able to be utilised for furniture and is therefore an ideal place to position a radiator.
  • LVI radiators to not reach temperatures that will burn furniture or curtains and this makes them ideal for any position in the room.


Method 3: 500mm range used to reduce the length of a radiator.

  • The 500mm high range will also fit under some windows but can also be used in areas where the wall space is limited. The 500mm range is probably the most popular of the models we sell as it can be suited to most room situations.


Method 4: Single panel range. The single panels in both the 300mm and 500mm high ranges are the models that fit closest to the wall. This can be important when mounting in a hallway or next to a bed. They are designated by the “11” in the model number like this:     YALI D C 05 080 11 230 08 1