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Installation decisions:

Installation of your new heater is an important factor in your decision process. The cost of installation for some heating systems forms a major proportion of the cost involved.

A heating system with minimal installation cost and mimimum impact on your life is important. Typically a radiator from LVI will take about 20 mins to install.


There is a general rule of thumb for the position of a heater in a room. As the window is usually the coldest point in a room, the heater should be positioned either under or next to the window where possible.

The decision process on positioning a radiator can be difficult, especially in a new house where the furniture and use of the room might not yet be fully realised. A bedroom might become a study and your special piece of furniture might only fit along one wall in the house.

Therefore choosing a heating system that is versitile now and in the future can make sense. The decision on where your LVI radiator is located can be the last decision made during the construction of a new house or renovation. This is because installation is simple and not predetermined by any other factor other then power availability. Location of power is the main decision that can be pre-arranged to make installation easier.

With LVI you can position the radiator against a wall and look at its effect before the installation is completed.

Re Positioning

A radiator from LVI is installed with 2 small brackets. If for some reason in the future, your room is redecorated or altered and the position of the heater is no longer suitable, it is a very simple process to relocate to another wall in the room. The only requirement is power availability and it is easy to lengthen the power cord as required. (electrician or installer to supply and fit). The small holes in the wall left over when brackets are removed can be easily repaired as part of your renovation. Compared to moving flues, water pipes or gas pipes, this is very simple indeed.

Actual Install:

Installation of your new heater needs to be simple and secure. Within the parts supplied are 2 wall brackets and fixing screws. After you have determined the position of the radiator in a room, you only need to locate the wall studs to allow a solid fixing for your radiator.

Fixing of each bracket to the wall requires 2 screws. The design of the bracket allows for easy levelling before final tightening of the screws is achieved.

When the brackets are fixed to the wall the radiator is simply positioned onto the brackets. A small clip stops the radiator from being accidently pushed off the brackets.

The wiring from the controls is attached to a wall box that needs to be screwed to the wall behind the radiator. The 3 pin plug and cord are then connected into this box. This allows easy adjustment of the power cord length, or can be used for hard wiring connections.

If a wall stud is not available there are some other options to fix the brackets to the wall. This varies with the size of radiator and the weight to be held by the wall. Discuss this further with your LVI representative.

The simple installation method also allows for easy removal of the radiator for cleaning as required.