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Electric heaters are usually referred to as the cleanest heaters on the market. Within the electric heater market, LVI is considered one of the best available.

They do not create fume or smoke so they are perfect for allergy sufferers.

The type of heat from a LVI radiator is considered good to your general health and well being. No blowing air, no noise and no dust being circulated all adds up to a better type of heating for your home.

The biggest disadvantage to electric heating is the cost to run perception.

The cost of all energy sources has increased and we need to be more aware of how we use energy. Therefore we are often found discussing how to move away from the centrally heated house where rooms are heated, even when they are not used.

The individual control of the LVI radiators allow you to choose what rooms to heat and at what temperature each room should be. People prefer the living areas to be warmer than the overnight temperature of a bedroom. Individual control makes it easy to adjust your room temperatures as desired.

The accuracy of the LVI flat line thermostat will also make sure your room temperature remains constant and comfortable across the day. This removes the temperature cycles common to some forms of heating.

Cost to Run Calculation   

Here is a calcualtion method to work out the running cost of your new LVI radiators.

Power is metered in KWH, (kilowatt hours)

An average charge to the household is 27cents per KWH. Currently with discounts you can pay about 19cents to 21cents per KWH so I will work this example 21cents/KWH.

A 1000 watt radiator operating on maximum temperature for 1 hour will cost 21cents to operate. However the LVI radiator uses a “flatline” thermostat that incorporates very fast switching to maintain a constant room temperature. When sized correctly, the thermostat will turn on and off at a 50% ratio meaning power is on for 50% of the time across the operating hour. This reduces the electricity cost to approx 11cents per hour to run for a 1000watt radiator.

6 and 7 Star rating homes

New building codes in Australia mean new homes are now fitted with double glazed windows and much better insulation. This means Australian homes are now being built similar to the homes in Sweden where LVI radiators are very popular.

Homes with good insulation ratings require far less heating than existing homes to remain comfortable. The heat retention of double glazed windows and the removal of draughts and sealing of door and window trims means the size of the radiators required to heat the new home is much smaller. This translates to lower purchase prices and lower running costs.