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How to build an Eco home with LVI radiators?

With the new building regulations you will now need to comply with a 6 or 7 star rating. There are many ways to achieve this. Here is one scenario.

You like the idea of Hydronic type heating, that is heat generated from a radiator panel that gives you soft heat, now known to be the most health conscious choice.

You have also looked at the price options and found a water borne hydronic system is quite costly to install. You also will know that with a gas fired system, there is no possible offset to your heating costs. We are also now being told gas price will triple.

At LVI, I suggest you invest in LVI radiators for your house at approx 50% of the installed price of a hydronic system. Then invest the money you have saved into an efficient solar system.

This will allow you to operate your heating during the day at minimal cost, heat the mass of your house, and minimise your heating costs for the time solar offset is not possible.

The solar system will also help achieve your star rating on your new home, as well as offset other electrical usage such as airconditioning in the summertime.

Add to this double glazing and good insulation and we are now building our houses in a similar way to the Europeans. This will then allow your LVI radiators to work extremely efficiently, be very cost effective and give you a very comfortable home.

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