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Soft heating from Sweden offers major health benefits

Manufactured in Sweden, where the temperature hovers around freezing point all winter, the LVI Thermosoft gentle radiant heating system is being widely installed throughout Europe because it is comfortable, safe, economical and healthy.

Offering all the ambient benefits of hydronic heating, without the high installation costs, this type of radiant heating already enjoys a 50% share of the market in Sweden.  For years now, Sweden is a country where there has been an increasing focus on the impact of the indoor environment on health.  Because of the cold climate, it is where a significant number of people spend a lot of time indoors.

Electric heating units with glowing elements and hot air fans forcing dust to circulate, have been demonstrated to be particularly damaging.  This kind of heating is especially unsuitable for children and adults prone to allergic reactions or asthma.  Dust, dirt and moulds are finely distributed and penetrate into the lungs.

Throat and air passages also become dry, which can lead to serious problems with breathing discomfort, tiredness and dizziness.

The Thermosoft oil-filled electric radiator panels have a closed system.  Air never comes into contact with the heating element, so no dust is burnt or circulated.  The radiators are filled to 90% with oil, which, when heated, expands silently. The oil ensures that the radiators retain the heat longer and avoid the quick temperature changes which make rooms feel cold and draughty.

Unobtrusive wall-mounted panels heat the air uniformly from floor to ceiling, and because temperature variations are reduced, even the floors remain comfortably warm.  The radiant heat warms furniture and walls without cold spots or draughts.  Drapes and painted surfaces remain extremely clean.

Operating at low surface temperatures, the panels are completely safe for children and all risk of fire is eliminated.  Double safety systems automatically turn the heater off if it happens to be accidentally covered.

Designed for maximum economy in the harsh Swedish climate, Thermosoft heaters have extremely precise electronic thermostats to keep electricity consumption to an absolute minimum thus reducing both costs and environmental impact.

More even heat distribution also means that the room temperature can usually be lowered a couple of degrees, whilst still giving the same or better room comfort.

The health and economy benefits of ‘soft heating’ extend to the bathroom, too, where heated towel driers serve a dual purpose. You may think only of the luxury of wrapping yourself in a warm, dry towel after a bath or shower (and why not?) but an unheated bathroom is a very common source of mould.  Thermosoft towel driers gently circulate warm air, maintaining a comfortable temperature and preventing the damage caused by damp and mould when there is a high moisture content in the bathroom.

Elegantly slim and manufactured with Swedish precision, Thermosoft panels and towel driers are easily installed, maintenance free and environmentally benign.  LVI Thermosoft is the world pioneer in using biodegradable vegetable oil in its radiators, and the steel and plastic components are fully recyclable.