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Southern Cross Companies Pty Ltd trading as LVI Thermosoft is the sole Australian supplier and distributor of LVI and Finimetal heating solutions.

A family owned business, we specialise in electric heating solutions, namely panel heaters, towel rails and towel warmers. We are proud to supply an economical, safe, stylish, quality product to warm your family home.

Located in Frankston, Victoria our head office and warehouse is being transformed to meet our future business needs. We have grown from a company owned and operated by Bo Rowan on the Mornington Peninsula to a thriving business that now have retailers in the major Australian cities where heating is a must.

We import two leading brands LVI and FINIMETAL from our supplier, Purmo group, Europe. Developed and designed in Sweden and France and manufactured in the UK and France our products are developed to suit cold European climates.

Backed by the Rettig Group which was founded in 1922 and with over 80 years of business acumen your product quality and if ever required your product warranty have strong foundations.

Rettig Group, founded in 1922

Purmo Group, owners of LVI and FINIMETAL products

LVI Thermosoft, arrange a meeting with Stuart, owner and operator