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Kinder to your home and the environment

Filled with an environmentally-friendly vegetable oil, LVI’s electric radiators are equipped with an electronic thermostat, which quickly and efficiently creates the ideal indoor comfort – a true soft heater.

LVI is working actively to prevent the destruction of our environment and we use an environmentally-friendly approach in everything we do, from the manufacturing process to the recycling and reuse of waste and production residue.  Because we cherish the environment, we develop radiators that meet the most stringent requirements for quality, safety and the environment.

Benefits of electric heating

Make the most of free heat

If, for example, the sun shining in or a fireplace begins to warm up the room, the thermostat will shut down until the room temperature drops below the desired setting. Oil-filled electric radiators cool down quickly when more people enter the room or when electric appliances are turned on. An ingenious way to make the most of free heat sources. Conversely, radiators will warm up quickly if the outside temperature drops suddenly. Naturally, you can programme your oil-filled electric radiator so that it adapts to the temperature at certain times of the day, via a central control unit, thus further reducing your heating costs.

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Quick response

With today’s well-insulated houses, the need for heating has shrunk considerably. The most important factor for energy savings is the ability to respond quickly.  LVI’s oil-filled electric radiators with electronic thermostats respond quickly to any changes in temperature and have a low thermal mass, which makes them ideal for taking advantage of free sources of heat.  This is the number one benefit of electric heating.

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Greater comfort

An oil-filled radiator guarantees a constantly pleasant temperature thanks to a unique combination of convection and radiation heating. This prevents irritating drafts and the feeling of being “closed in” or dry.

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Appropriate and effective control of indoor climate

LVI’s oil-filled electric radiators respond quickly to temperature signals from the electronic thermostat and distribute heat quickly, quietly and evenly. Within a few minutes, the room temperature will reach a constant level throughout the room, from floor to ceiling.

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Ready for renewable energy sources

Because the radiators are electric, they can be powered by green energy sources, such as solar, wind and geothermal power.

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LVI radiators are environmentally-friendly in a variety of ways. They are designed so that the components can be taken apart at the end of the unit’s lifecycle and they are made using recyclable materials.

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Soft heat with vegetable oil

LVI’s oil-filled electric radiators are filled with an environmentally-friendly vegetable oil, providing a soft, pleasant heat.  They waste no energy due to overheating and lose no heat into the ground.  An oil-filled radiator maintains a lower temperature, thus reducing the risk of burn injuries and preventing dry air or circulating dust. In addition to this, oil-filled electric radiators do not give off any unpleasant odours.  A comfortable and energy-efficient choice for the end customer.

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