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Arborescence/ Smart Arborescence

Ergonomic and efficient, the Arborescence naturally finds its place in your bathroom.

Open laterally, the Arborescence deploys very aerial lines.
Its large flat tubes promote the diffusion of heat.  The Arborescence makes it very easy to take and place towels.

Smart Arborescence

Ingenious, thanks to its slightly curved arms and its brand new controlled lateral movement, Smart Arborescence allows you to benefit from a hot bath towel at all times while facilitating its access.
The fixed and smart tubes of Smart Arborescence play on the reversibility of colors to match your bathroom decor. 

  • Steel towel radiator
  • Works on electric circuit
  • Stylish and Modern
  • Duo color options - Smart Arborescence See Options
  • Extensive color options
  • Digital display
  • Optional blower unit to add additional heat
  • Treated protective finish - electrophoresis primer and epoxy-polymer powder coating


Model Watts Number
of Tubes
AR.1245EG 500 12 450 600
AR.1560EG 750 15 600 1550
AR.1860EG 1000 18 600 1850

Smart Arborescence

Watts Fixed Tubes /
Smart Tubes
750 16/2 600 1477
1000 19/3 600 1777

TempCo RF Control Transmitter:

  • Weekly program (9 pre-set programs and 4 programs to create according to your needs)
  • Holiday function
  • Boost (forced operation from 10 min to 2 hours adjustable)
  • Window opening detection
  • Energy indicator
  • Intelligent regulation (automatic programming with self-learning process)
  • Controls several radiators
  • 6-order pilot wire (for centralized programming)


PTC Speed'Air blower

A 950W blower integrated into the device diffuses hot air for a rapid rise in temperature of the room.
The blower is incorporated into the unit and must be requested at the time of order.
A supplement fee is required, please speak with LVI Thermosoft for pricing.


Our standard colour is white (RAL9016)

Duo colour options are available for the Smart Arborescence in the following combinations:

Colour duo
fixed tubes / smart tubes
Colour code Inverted duo Colour code
Light Grey / Brown Grey LGBG BGLG
Metal Black / Metal Alu MBMA MAMB
Anodic Bronze / Cream White BZCW CWBZ
Anodic Brown / Anodic Bronze BRBZ BZBR
Black Textured / White Textured BTWT WTBT

Other colours are available on request, see below options.

A price supplement applies on Standard RAL, Sanitary and Special colours.

Please consult with LVI Thermosoft to discuss your requirements.

RAL Colours - Standard

Sanitary Colours

Special Colours


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PTC Speed'Air Blowing
Manual - Elec / Mixed Version

TempCo RF Notice


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