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The Yali and Parada are a range of oil-filled electric radiators from LVI. With intuitive controls and visible temperature indicator all models, the range combines modern design with state-of-the art technology. Accurate to 0.2˚C, this revolutionary range of products runs silently, scentlessly, and features rapid heat that fills your home with comfort exactly when you need it.


precise temp regulationPrecise temperature regulation

Incredible accuracy in the Yali’s control system means temperature is accurate to 0.2˚C.

silent operation


Silent operation


No moving parts, no external plumbing or fluid movement in or out of the unit = complete silence.

scentless, no burnt dustScentless, No burnt dust

The internal fluid is heated/cooled with no smell, also low surface temperatures means no dust is burned.

wifi controlledWi-fi controlled

When connected to a wireless central programmer, these Yali models can be effortlessly controlled via any web browser.

controlled surface tempControlled surface temperature

The surface temperature can be reduced to 75 or 60˚C.

cascade functionCascade function

Intelligent regulation function, back panel operates as a booster when temperature is 1˚C below set point.

3 star rating3 star rating

Certain Yali radiators have earned the coveted French NF 3-star rating for superior energy efficiency.

modern designModern design

Crafted for beauty as well as warmth, the Yali is designed with the modern home in mind.

open window


Open window function


Function which will shut down the radiator when temperature drops instantly.

rapid heatRapid heat

Because it’s a closed unit powered by electricity, the Yali can reach the desired temperature in a matter of seconds.

Even heat distributionEven distribution

All corners of the Yali radiator will be the same temperature – no cold or hot spots anywhere.



Environmentally friendly


Recyclable steel, filled with biodegradable vegetable oil, can be powered by renewables.


Stay close to warmth with
wi-fi controllability

Your customers can experience a revolution in comfort convenience with new Yali wi-fi controllability. No more returning to a cold house when they can control the Yali Digital, Parada or Ramo remotely. When connected to a wireless central programmer, these Yali models can be effortlessly controlled via any web browser. Use a Smartphone to have any home blissfully warm before walking through the door. This innovation in indoor heating means that your customers have the added reassurance of controllable comfort, only from LVI.


with open window function

The Yali and Parada range with digital controls is ideal for any room in the house. This new range of radiators features the handy “open window function”. If the temperature drops a certain amount within a 30 minute period, the thermostat of Yali Digital, Parada is programmed to operate as if a window has been opened. It will shut down, until such time as the temperature reaches a certain limit and then it will begin working as if the window has been closed once more.


A three star solution

Awarded the coveted French NF-mark, European CE-mark and the SEMKO S-mark, the YALI range is certified to provide the highest levels of safety and quality. Filled with biodegradable vegetable oil, the Yali and Parada series is designed to be as kind to the environment as possible. Each one is highly energy efficient, reducing energy consumption and helping lower your customers’ bills. And because the Yali is powered by electricity, you can take advantage of renewable energy sources like wind or solar power. Just some of the reasons that the Yali range is the next generation that turns evolution into revolution.