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Answers to your Heating needs.

Question:      Do you need a heating solution for the next winter period?

Answer:               With our “in home” advice, planning and free quote service we can provide you with the  solution to your heating needs. By listening to what you want to achieve, and then offering a suitable option for you to consider, we look forward to working with you.

Question:      Do you have allergy sufferers in your family?

Answer:          As the LVI range of heating products dont use an open element or fan, they do not spread or burn dust. This provides a much better enviroment inside your home and has proven to help allergy sufferies. Southern Cross Companies Pty Ltd, distributor for LVI products in Australia  is a member of AESSRA  (Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Association Inc)  This organisation offers advice to allergy sufferers and looks for products that will help its members.

Question:       Do you have solar power available?

Answer:          If you have gone to the effort of reducing your energy costs by installing solar power, then it would seem a natural progression to utilise electric heating as a first choice in your home. It is clean, efficient and quiet, so why not keep your total energy costs to the absolute minimum?

Question:      Do you use LPG bottle gas for your heating?

Answer:         If you are using bottle gas for your heating, you will know of the costs involved. Installing efficient LVI heating products into your home will keep your energy costs to a minimum. With the high tech thermostat’s used in LVI radiators, they are the most efficient electric heating available.  On average, we are 2 to 2.5 times cheaper than using bottle gas.

Question: Are you looking to heat an individual room or a complete house with temperature flexibility?

Answer:          As the LVI range of heating products utilise individual thermostat controls, you are not heating rooms in your house that are not being used. You also want a different level of heating in your bedrooms as compared to the living area’s so having indepentant controls allows for the most efficient control of your heating requirements.

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