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Soft heating from LVI Thermosoft

Regardless of whether you are thinking of replacing your old existing heating system or building a new house, take the time to think through your heating system properly.

It is going to have a considerable effect on the indoor environment in your home – the indoor climate – which can directly affect your health.

Good overall economics and a long, reliable system life are also other factors that will be decisive when making your choice.

Our oil-filled radiators produce what we like to call soft heating – the comfortable heat of a waterborne heating system, in combination with the economy and simplicity of direct electric heating. Lastly but by no means least, this heating system reduces environmental impact.


Comfort indoors

We spend a lot of our time indoors, and the indoor environment unavoidably affects our health. Good indoor conditions, with high thermal comfort, mean a lot for your well-being.

Our oil-filled electric radiators heat the air uniformly and comfortably. Temperature variations are reduced and floors, too, feel warm and comfortable.

As opposed to electric fires, where air circulates through the fire and comes into contact with the hot wires, our silent, comfortable electric radiators are completely enclosed and work at low surface temperatures.

They do not dry the air or produce problems with circulating dust, which gets burnt into tiny particles of soot that eventually darken walls and ceilings.

Those with allergies are particularly appreciative of the improved indoor conditions with oil-filled electric radiators


And the environment too

We take an environmental perspective, not only in terms of the product but also of our manufacturing processes. Although our radiators are virtually impossible to wear out, it it comforting to know that, if they are replaced, they are particularly environmentally benign.

The radiators are filled with a biologically degradable vegetable oil, specially formulated for the LVI range. Sheet steel and plastic parts, too, can be recycled.

Highly accurate electronic thermostats reduce your electricity consumption, reducing your costs and also reducing environmental impact.

LVI’s ISO 14001 certification means that we strive constantly for environmental improvements in all aspects, from development to aftermarket, and particularly in our own manufacturing processes.


Low costs all round

Choose oil-filled electric radiators from LVI as the basis of a flexible system that can be changed or extended as costs allow. And you will save money in more than one way.

The radiators are easy to fit, which keeps down installation costs, as opposed to waterborne heating systems which require time-consuming piping installations.

Our radiators are robustly designed, for long life and low life cycle cost. In addition, they are fitted with extremely precise thermostats, and facilities for day or night set-back, which further reduce running costs.


Safety? Of course.

Today, with almost 80 years experience in the heating industry, LVI is Sweden’s leading manufacturer of oil-filled electric radiators. High-quality Swedish steel sheet is converted into economical, robust radiators, developed for the severe, changeable Nordic winter climate.

In addition to reliable products, we are known for our excellent service.

Our oil-filled electric radiators operate at low surface temperatures: comfortable for small hands and eliminating any risk of fire.

Double safety systems automatically turn the radiator off if it should be accidentally covered. Naturally, all our radiators are CE-marked, as well as being tested and marked by a third party inspection body, all for your safety.