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 The “YALI “

The Yali range comes wifi compatible and have many options from 250W to 2000W output.

Choose from 300- or 500cm, in modern white for any décor.

Yali Digital is a modernly designed panel radiator witha series of new features. Ideal for any room in the house, the Yali Digital offers superb temperature controllability, with a clear visual display discreetly housed on the side panel. Like many of the Yali range, the Yali Digital has a touch-screen control as an option and can easily be connected to WiFi. The touch-screen control is future-proof and easily upgraded when new functions become available. For double-panelled Yali radiators, the panels can be controlled in parallel (together at the same time) or in sequence (cascade), where both radiant and convective heat is used. This is most useful with a large difference between the set and measured room temperature. When a lot of power is required to bridge that temperature gap, the combination of heat types makes a real difference. When the temperature difference is small, only the front panel is required. This involves more radiant heat from the front, and less heat lost to the rear wall, since the inactive backpanel functions like a heat-screen.  Features Include:

  • Oil-filled radiator with vegetable oil.
  • Frost protection (0,5-10˚C)
  • Made from strong steel of the highest quality.
  • Hard-wearing white epoxy paint (RAL 9016).
  • Can be connected to wired external programmer, wireless programmer or central controller with WiFi facilities
  • Simple to use, rapid heating and even temperature across the entire surface.
  • System for locking the mounting device.
  • Quiet, odour-free and non-allergenic.
  • The radiators have convector plates and are for right-hand mounting
  • Sequential temperature control of the front and rear panel.
  • Window open function.
  • Lockable thermostat unit.




The YALI from Southern Cross Companies P/L combines the comfort of the water borne system with the economy and simplicity of direct-acting electricity. The oil ensures that the radiators retain the heat longer and maintain uniform room temperatures. You avoid quick changes which make the room feel cold and draughty.

The Thermosoft has a low surface temperature, is completely noiseless, and does not burn dust which can cause allergies and which stains the ceiling and walls.

In a room, which is heated by Thermosoft’s radiant heat, your body circulation and health will improve because radiant heat will maintain an even room temperature floor to ceiling, keeping your feet warm as well.

Radiant heat warms furniture and walls without cold spots or draughts, keeping drapes and painted surfaces extremely clean and the floor dry as well.

“The warmth from Sweden that Australia has been waiting for!”


 See our radiator sizing guide to work out which radiator would be required for each room in your house.

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