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Product Range

At LVI Thermosoft in Australia we stock 2 main ranges of heating products manufactured by LVI in Scandanavia.

1/ Hydronic Style Panel Radiators “YALI”.


NOTE New DIGITAL YALI  now available
The Yali is available in wattage ranges from 250Watts to 2000Watts.

The radiators come in two different height ranges, 300mm and 500mm

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2/ Heated Towel Rails

The range of heated towel rails will provide warm dry towels as well as prevent mould and damp in your bathroom.

These towel rails are oil filled to evenly distribute the ehat across the rail and to prevent hot spots.

The TF range can be “plug in” or “hard wired” depending on the wiring situation in your bathroom.

All of our models are available in a chrome or white gloss finish.

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The previous owner of Southern Cross Companies Pty Ltd also manufactured Ramen Sauna’s. As a service to his customers, we still carry spare parts for Ramen Sauna’s. This includes heating elements and some control items.

Please contact Stuart on 0432 372 457 or the contact email on this site to find out more.