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Holiday House Blairgowrie

Additional radiators installed along the only solid wall in this room. Large windows look out over the view of the bay. By evenly spacing two radiators along this wall this customer can select one radiator when the temperature starts to drop and both radiators on those very cold days in winter time. View Gallery




Farm House Ballarat

Update to a large farmhouse in Ballarat area. Coldest room in the house has a wooden fireplace but room is sometimes only used for short periods of time and lighting the fire is not practical. LVI radiators either side of  the fireplace fitted the available space without interferring with room furniture. Other pictures show installed radiators in the long hallways of this lovely old house. View Gallery














Brand new Metricon home in Cranbourne area. Featured granite panel heaters to the entire house. View Gallery »













Ski Lodge Bathrooms

Two Granite radiators installed into the bathrooms at Deep Powder Chalet, Dinner Plain Mt Hotham. View Gallery »