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About LVI Thermosoft Heating

Introduction to The Hot Alliance

We are a company united by a common ongoing goal: to optimise the comfort our electrical heating solutions bring to homes throughout the world. For over 80 years we have been at the forefront of our industry and this is no coincidence. By bringing together our know-how and experience we have developed an extensive range of heating solutions that create comfortable indoor climates where non-drying, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective warmth is easily controlled.

But our goal is ongoing. And now we invite all our partners to help us continue to improve the performance of electrical heating solutions and make indoor climates more and more comfortable.


Comfortable heat is our calling card. Our leading solutions are filled with vegetable oil, which enables them to radiate a natural, noiseless and odour-free warmth. And because our products are vital parts of homes, we take design seriously and create solutions that can suit any particular interior style.


We offer our heating systems in a variety of materials and styles to suit the expression of any room. Our vast range makes it easy to meet your customers needs precisely, ensuring the optimal indoor climate the whole year round, whatever the type of room and wherever the geographical location.


We are determined to become the preferred electrical heating partner. This demands an ongoing commitment to our partners’ needs, in addition to living up to our own high standards of environmental responsibility and steadily reducing energy consumption.


With 80 years of experience and know-how, we continuously improve the performance of our solutions. From the materials we select to the processes we follow, quality is our top priority. We have always been accountable for all our actions and that is why we can stand behind all our products with a 10-year guarantee*.

* 2 years on electrical parts